Astigmatism can cause blurry vision and make tasks like driving and reading difficult. Not only that, but if it is not treated, the refractive error can become progressive worse and also lead to further complications. At Eye & Contact Lens Center in Kirkland, WA, we provide comprehensive eye exams to diagnose astigmatism and offer the necessary treatment to preserve your vision. 

Astigmatism vision

Understanding Astigmatism

When you have astigmatism, your eye is shaped like a football rather than a round ball as usual, which causes light to not shine on the retina properly. While it depends on the severity of astigmatism, the light will scatter when it enters your eye and result in blurry vision at different distance. The refractive error can also lead to headaches and eye fatigue when looking at objects for an extended period.

Astigmatism Test 

Our optometrist will typically provide an astigmatism test when you visit us for your routine examination. After we provide you with the visual acuity test to determine if you have a vision impairment, we will then perform the astigmatism test. During this portion, you will not need to look at various lines of letters as with the previous test. Instead, you'll look at a serious of two different images and need to identify which is clearer. Based on the results, we can determine if you have astigmatism and its severity. 

Treatment for Astigmatism

Treatment for astigmatism consists of managing your vision and helping your see clearly. You can choose between contact lenses, glasses, or both. To receive a prescription for lenses or glasses, you will need a vision screening in addition to an astigmatism test. Our optometrist will use the results for your prescription. If you opt for contacts, you may need specialized lenses that are designed for the shape of your eye. Toric contact lenses are often prescribed for astigmatism and can provide you with clear distance vision.

If want to eliminate contact lenses or eyeglasses, you can choose to have LASIK eye surgery. We can perform an eye exam to determine if you qualify for the procedure. After we have the results, we can provide you with a referral for an eye surgeon. 

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At Eye & Contact Lens Center in Kirkland, WA, our team offers various treatments for astigmatism to help you see clearly. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your eye exam, contact us at (425) 822-8204 today.

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