Pink Eye

Pink eye, or the proper name, conjunctivitis, is a medical condition that causes inflammation and infection of the eyes. If you live in Kirkland or the surrounding areas and suffering from pink eye, contact Eye and Contact Lens Center to meet with our optometry team.


The Signs of Pink Eye

Someone suffering from pink eye will notice that the affected eye appears discolored. The pink tinge associated with this condition is where the name pink eye was derived from. In addition to discoloration of the usually white portion of your eyes, you may experience itchiness of the eyes. You may feel as if you have sand or dirt in your eyes as well. Light sensitivity and discharge from the eye are also common symptoms of pink eye.

How To Stop Pink Eye From Spreading

Pink eye is an extremely contagious condition. It is important to take steps to avoid spreading the condition to someone else or from one eye to the other. When you wash away dried discharge from around an affected eye, use a clean piece of material dipped in warm water. Do not use the same piece of material for both eyes, but rather use separate pieces to help stop the condition from spreading. Do not share items that go in or around your eyes with anyone else. This includes cosmetics, contact lenses, and washcloths.

What Optometry Care Can Do To Help

When you make an appointment to meet with our optometrist, you will be asked questions about your symptoms. A complete eye examination is performed to rule out other health conditions that cause similar symptoms. If you are suffering from pink eye, our eye doctor will provide you with recommendations to alleviate your symptoms. You will be prescribed medicated eye drops to help reduce inflammation and heal the infection quickly and efficiently. It is important to follow dosage instructions precisely while your eyes are healing.

Pink Eye Treatment at Eye and Contact Lens Center

If you have conjunctivitis and live in the Kirkland areas, call Eye and Contact Lens Center today at (425) 822-8204 to schedule a consultation with our eye doctor. You may also check for availability and book an appointment online using our online form.

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