Eye Care to Address Headaches

Eye Care for Headaches at Eye and Contact Lens Center

If you suffer from chronic or recurring headaches, you're in good company. An astonishing 45 million people in the U.S. alone experience headache issues every year. While some of these headaches stem from muscular tension, migraine conditions, or underlying diseases, many of them can be traced to eye strain, or other eye problems. That's where Eye and Contact Lens Center can come to the rescue by providing the necessary eye care options for Kirkland and Renton residents.

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The Relationship Between Headaches and Eye Strain

Headaches and eye strain naturally go together. You may already know that the classic tension headache occurs due to muscular strain. Eye strain headaches occur for similar reasons. Your eyes make use of tiny muscles to coordinate their motion and focus on objects at different distance ranges. These muscles can get tired from overuse, producing not only headaches, but also a variety of other symptoms. For instance, if you stare at a computer screen for long hours without a rest, the combination of screen glare and close focus can give you a case of computer vision syndrome. In addition to headaches, you may experience blurred vision, shoulder pain, neck pain, and irritated eyes.

An uncorrected refractive vision error can also lead to eye strain headaches. If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, for instance, you may have to work your eye muscles unnaturally hard in an effort to bring objects or text into focus. Most middle-aged individuals also develop a problem called presbyopia. In this condition, the lens of the eye grows stiff, forcing the focusing muscles to work that much harder at close range.

Certain eye diseases, including cataracts and glaucoma, count headaches among their symptoms. You need to have your eyes checked to see if you have an underlying eye disease that requires treatment.

How Our Kirkland Optometry Clinic Can Help

Our Kirkland optometry clinic can evaluate your vision through numerous diagnostic techniques, from the traditional eye chart to advanced refractive testing and inspection of the eye's interior and exterior. Based on our findings, we can fit you with corrective lenses that relieve eye strain and make focusing easier. We can also provide solutions for computer vision syndrome, from ergonomic changes in your work habits to lenses that reduce glare and/or support this particular focus distance.

Looking for Headache Relief in Kirkland or Renton?

If you seek headache relief in Kirkland or Renton, start by giving your eyes a much-needed break. Contact Eye and Contact Lens Center at (425) 822-8204 for an appointment!

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