Contact Lens Exams

Not everyone is thrilled about wearing glasses all the time, but if you have less than perfect vision it is important to have corrective lenses in order to properly see the world around you. For many contact lenses is the answer they are looking for. At Eye and Contact Lens Center, our optometrist in Kirkland, WA can provide you with a contact lens fitting that can give you a break from your glasses and help you see the world in a new way.


Getting a Contact Lens Exam

Your appointment to get contacts isn't like any other trip to the eye doctor. In addition to your comprehensive eye exam, which is an important part of your eye care, you will receive additional tests and exams as part of your contact lens fitting.

Contact lens exams start with an evaluation. It identifies the level of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and measures the eyes to see what lenses will have the correct fit.

After the exam, we look at lifestyle factors alongside any vision or eye health issues to determine what type of lenses would be the best choice, or if continuing with glasses would be the better.

Hard to Fit Contacts

Sometimes, regular contacts are not an easy fit. While this used to mean that contacts weren't possible, there are still options for those who truly want to wear contacts despite having one of these conditions

Astigmatism or Keratoconus - corneas are oddly shaped and may be bulging. With keratoconus corneas are thinning and form into a cone shape. This may require contacts that fit over the entire eye.

Presbyopia - Older eyes sometimes develop farsighted symptoms in addition to nearsighted symptoms, making it necessary to look out of a different part of the lens to see at both distances. Bifocal and multifocal lenses are often prescribed.

Dry Eyes - Eyes dry easily due to impaired tear production and need contacts with extra hydration

GPC- A form of conjunctivitis that results in excess proteins, requiring contacts that are changed more frequently.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

There are some people who like to wear contact lenses, even when they don't require them to correct vision. At Eye and Contact Lens Center, we can help with this too. Even though you may not have a history of eye problems, your exam will still verify your good eye health. It will allow you to temporarily change your eye color for either every day or a special occasion. Some look to enhance their own natural color, while others go for a completely different look.

To learn more or schedule your own contact lens exam contact us at Eye and Contact Lens Center in Kirkland, WA at (425) 822-8204.

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