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Contact lenses can help you eliminate eyeglasses and improve your vision. Not only that, but they can also provide more of a natural look and are convenient when playing sports. At Eye and Contact Lens Center in Kirkland, WA, we offer eye exams to learn more about your overall eye health and determine the right contact lenses for your condition. 

contact lenses

Determining if Contact Lenses Are the Right Fit for You

Whether you're ready to chase your little ones around without your glasses falling off or want to get through your workouts without constantly adjusting your frames, you might consider contact lenses. While contacts are a good fit for most people, those with certain eye conditions like severe astigmatism may require specialized lenses. When you visit us, we’ll work closely with you to provide the necessary contacts for your specific needs.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

When you visit us for your contact lens exam, we'll talk with you about any concerns you're having about your vision. Our optometrist will perform some tests to learn more about your vision health. We will also provide visual acuity exam, which will help determine your contact lens prescription. Afterward, our optometrist will use special tools to measure the surface of your eye. We'll speak with you about proper contact lens care and teach you how to insert the contacts correctly as well.

You will also practice putting lenses in on your own. We may ask you to try a few different types of lenses while you're in the office to help us identify the best ones for your needs. If you find that your contacts aren't as comfortable at home as they were in the office, we recommend contacting us. We may need to provide you with a different type of contact lens or a new prescription.

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If you are considering contact lenses, our team at Eye and Contact Lens Center in Kirkland, WA, can help. To schedule your appointment, contact us at (425) 822-8204 today. When you’re seeking an optometrist near me, we look forward to assisting you!

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