Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams from Eye and Contact Lens Center

It is important for every child to have access to complete eye care services. That is the goal of Eye and Contact Lens Center. At Eye and Contact Lens Center, we are proud of our ability to see patients of all ages, including children.


An Introduction to Eye Exams for Children

When someone comes to see a pediatric eye doctor for an eye exam, a few different procedures are going to take place. Our eye doctor, Dr. Golitz, does everything in his power to make children comfortable during an eye exam. During the exam he takes a look at the visual acuity of each eye. This will let him whether or not corrective lenses are needed. Not every child is able to express that he or she is having trouble seeing, so having an eye exam is necessary for treating any kind of eye or vision dysfunction.

Our eye doctor will also measure the pressure inside a patient's eyes. Elevated eye pressure can be a sign of an eye disease called glaucoma. 

As the final aspect of an exam, our family eye doctor will dilate a patient's eyes. This is done using eye drops, and allows the eye doctor to take a look at the nerves and blood vessels behind the eyes.

Types of Eye Care Offered at Eye and Contact Lens Center

It is important to note that we offer eye exams to people of all ages when they come to visit us. In addition to our preventative care services and vision screening, we also provide acute eye care as well. We know that urgent vision issues can arise from time to time, and we have the staff necessary to handle these issues. Trust us to take care of all of your vision needs. Some of the most common acute issues we see include foreign bodies and sudden vision loss.

Trust the Team from the Eye and Contact Lens Center

At Eye and Contact Lens Center, we believe it is important for every patient to have an eye exam performed by a family eye doctor at least once per year. This gives the eye doctor a chance to catch potential issues while also educating patients. Those who are looking for an optometrist in Kirkland should call us today at 425-822-8204 to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your family's eye care needs.

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