Eyeglasses and Frames FAQs

Choosing the right eyeglasses and frames can be overwhelming, given the market's high number of eyeglasses and frames. In Washington, our Eye and Contact Lens Center's optometrist experts at Kirkland and Renton can help you get suitable eyeglasses and frames for your eye or vision condition. To help you get started, here is a list of FAQs about eyeglasses and frames.

Why Should I Visit an Optometrist to Get Eyeglasses and Frames?

Some people tend to buy eyeglasses and frames at the store without visiting a professional. You should visit an optometrist to get an eye exam and a vision test to diagnose your eye or vision issue. Visiting an optometrist will also help you get the right eyeglasses and frames for your condition because one-size-fits-all eyeglasses and frames don't usually work well.

How Can I get Eyeglasses and Frames that Look Great on Me? 

Different eyeglasses and frames look different on people. To get the right eyeglasses and frames, determine your basic face shape. Next, research which eyeglasses and frames fit your eye, hair, and skin colors.

Do All Eyeglasses Change into Sunglasses When You Go Outside?

Not all eyeglasses change into sunglasses when you go outside. Those that do are called photochromic lenses. These lenses are clear when not exposed to the sun's UV rays and automatically darken when exposed to UV rays.

How Can I Make My Eyeglasses and Frames Last Longer? 

Many tips can help you increase the lifespan of your eyeglasses and frames. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses, storing your eyeglasses in a plastic case when not in use, and handling your eyeglasses with care are some of the tips that can help lengthen your glasses' lifespan.

How Often Should I Replace my Eyeglasses and Frames? 

You should replace your eyeglasses if your prescription changes. You should also replace your eyeglasses and frames if they are damaged or old.

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