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When your eyes feel dry and irritated, perhaps even painful, you could have dry eye. This condition occurs when the eyes don't have enough of their natural tear film for lubrication. When there isn't enough tear film or the tear film is not composed correctly, the eyes will become too dry and irritated. If you are experiencing dry eye and live in or around Kirkland, contact Dr. Golitz at Eye and Contact Lens Center to schedule an appointment. Let’s look at a few tips you can use at home when dealing with dry eye.

Add Moisture to the Air

One of the easiest ways to treat dry eye when you are at home is to have one or more humidifiers running. These will add water to the air so that the air isn't so dry. Dry air can cause the tear film to dry out quickly and a humidifier can help prevent this from happening. Humidifiers are rated with a specific number of square feet that they will be effective in, so you may need more than one for your home, depending on its size.

Add Moisture Directly

When the eyes become sore and irritated, adding moisture directly to them can provide quick relief. There are many eye drops available on the market that provide this fast treatment. Many types are available over the counter without a prescription and others are available by prescription only. Our optometrist will tell you which ones you need and how often to use them for dry eye relief.

Contact Our Optometrist at Eye and Contact Lens Center

Dry eye can be quite irritating and painful when it is left untreated. Don't go it alone, see an optometrist to have your eyes assessed and learn more about how you can treat your eyes to make them more comfortable. At Eye and Contact Lens Center, Dr. Golitz provides quality eye care for residents in Kirkland, WA. If you are suffering from dry eye call our team today at (425) 822-8204 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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