Signs You Might Have an Eye Infection

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Eye infections can run the gamut from being a minor annoyance to being serious enough that a person loses their eye. Because nearly all eye infections hurt, however, it is hard for a patient to determine on their own if their eye line is infected, and if so, how severe the infection really is. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, give our office call. It's likely that you're experiencing an eye infection, and you may need antibiotics to recover and retain your eyesight. We at Eye Contact and Lens Center serving Kirkland, WA, know a lot about a potential eye infection.

1. Eye and Head Pain: Infections often hurt. Even if your eyes hurt for a different reason, you may need to see an optometrist who can diagnose the reason why and work on finding you a solution.

2. Discharge: Pus or is coming out of the corner of your eye throughout the day and night is a sign that your body is trying to fight off something in your eye that shouldn't be there.

3. Sensitivity to light: As your eye struggles to fight off the infection, it may become less and less able to adjust to different lighting conditions. It's also likely that your eye may not be able to close to let in less light, and any light that does enter your eye will inflame already infected nerves, causing eye pain.

4. Eyes glued shut: If you’re waking up to eyes that you are having trouble opening, it's likely because of an excess of discharge.

Contact Us for Eye Infection from Our Optometrist 

If you live in the Kirkland, WA, area and you're experiencing any of these symptoms, give our office a call. We can schedule an appointment to meet with our eye doctor and get a prescription to start clearing up your infection. Call us at (425) 822-8204 Eye and Contact Lens Center. We have an optometrist that can help treat an eye infection.

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